Lal Bhag Botanical Garden – A Nature Preserve!

Written by Durga

It was during my office training that I’ve visited Bangalore. After i finished my training, i had two more days left to come back to Hyderabad. So i wanted to utilize them and explore some places around. And here is one of them, Lal Bhag Botanical Garden! I indeed would call it a Nature Preserve.

Lal Bhag has totally four gates

I entered through the West gate which was closer to the place where I stayed back. There was a little fountain as I entered and a few steps ahead I could see the beautiful lake of this garden. It was quite a large Lake (it covers quarter of the garden’s area) surrounded by huge trees. These trees seemed so geometrical to me.

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-Lake and Big green trees

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-Lake, red flowers, Tree, Sky

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-lowered branch with green leaves


I spent enough time near the lake enjoying it’s beauty, the trees and flowers around. And suddenly, there was a crow passing by (silly laugh).

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-Lake, Big green trees and Crow.


Lal Bhag is the largest collection of Tropical trees and plants in India. Walking by the lake, I found huge trees that will surely make the nature lovers stand by. There is a peaceful grassland area too. It is completely surrounded by tall tropical tress.

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-tropical trees

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-tropical-tall-trees

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-Grass and people


Moving forward, we can find the famous Glass House of Lal Bhag. A Nandi (Bull) statue and two Elephants statues are present at it’s entrance.

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-glass-house-lal-bhag

Statue/idol of a bull (nandi)


There is also a peninsular here which gives a clear view of the city surrounding the Lal Bhag Garden. On top of this peninsular, we can find a small temple too. This area is called Peninsular Gneiss.

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-Temple on the hill

Tropical Plants and Trees

There are many Bonsai plants that age from 30 years to more than 100 years in the Lal Bhag Botanical Garden. Also, the huge tropical trees have majestic royal barks.

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-huge-tress-magestic-bark


After taking a look at all the tress here, i moved on to see the little Lotus pond (though there wasn’t even a single lotus when I visited). But, the pond has many tiny little fish in it. I sat near the pond and played with those tiny fish until the guard had asked me to leave the place (silly laugh).

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-lotus-pond-lal-bhag

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden-Little fish and plam

Lal Bhag Botanical Garden is indeed a Nature Preserve.

It has beautiful plantations of Rose and Hibiscus. It also has a Floral clock, a Band stand, small Fountains and beautiful arch of climber plants all over along the walking lanes.

Check out my Portfolio to see more beautiful captures of this Garden!

At the exit of the Garden, beautiful pink blossomed flowers added more beauty.

pink flowers


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