Everyone’s Companion – Nature!

Written by Durga

Generally, when no other person is around or at times when we feel bored, people tend to feel alone. And so did I, until I re-discovered my surroundings. Yes, there might be nobody around us, but still we do have a company. Look around! We’ll find Nature.

Everyone's Companion

Early in the morning, the Sun is all set to help us give a good start to our day. Rising with its reddish-orange soft tone, slowly it starts to shine. He bends his thin light beam on to our faces, he lets us feel his warmth, and that’s when we wake up from our night sleep. At times when he’s burning too hot, he hides behind the clouds and makes sure if we are comfortable. When he is pleasant and shines brightly, the sky blushes to turn clear blue. All the plants and trees feel excited to watch this lovely moment. Sometimes when he feels lazy, but still has to continue his daily duty; the fluffy clouds prepare a bed for him to simply rest.

Everyone's Companion

Everyone's Companion

Everyone's Companion

The Clouds in the sky teach us their great artistic skills. Sometimes they appear as paint brush strokes, sometimes they blend in. Sometimes they turn yellow-orange and sometimes blue-purple. I find it amazing when the cotton balls float in the sky. At times they seem to be like taking part in a race. Sometimes they spread all over the sky and blend in the sun too. I find the clouds turning out to be the Sun’s vehicle in the evening time, when Sun might be tired of the whole day travelling. They turn black when they feel heavy; and lessen their heaviness by pouring down the rain. And I don’t need to specifically tell about Petrichor, the smell of the earth’s soil after rain! (For more amazingly beautiful cloud captures, check out my post ‘The Silvery Cotton Balls of Summer’).

Everyone's Companion

The Greenery feels tickled when the Sun rises with its soothing warmth. The trees and plants swing to the breeze. A drop can make a leaf dance. How can anyone miss this romantic salsa, that the leaves and the rain drops do. Even after a heavy rain, their romance still continues as the raindrops settle on the leaves, blushing.

I find numerous green pearls shining. In those tiny rain droplets hanging down the stem, they beautifully show the reflection of their leaves upside down, so adorable to look at. And the browns of the greens, what to say about them; simply cannot take my eyes off them. Even when the leaves shed, their beauty retains.

Everyone's Comapanion

Everyone's Companion

And during the sunset, Sun starts to show its magic by bending its light beams through the clouds. And the clouds bring out their magical colors, that even the plants and trees turn down their greenery to see the magical colors of the clouds.

With all these around, how can anyone feel alone? Not at all! The warmth of the Sun, the soothing breeze, the eye brightening clouds, the elegant greenery and the tickling raindrops make us feel their presence so divine. And hence is Nature Everyone’s Companion!


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  1. S says:

    Beautifully narrated! Too good capturization.Way to go girl 🙂

    • Durga says:

      That’s so nice of you..thank you so much 😊

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